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Website maintenance services are a key for the success of your online business.

DMS provides knowledgeable, fast and friendly website maintenance services. In today’s market, it is necessary to maintain your website up to date and to make your website look as professional as you are.

Our Website Maintenance Professionals are :

  • Fast : We are accessible to you via live chats and skype for solving your queries. Our guys understand that your time is your money.
  • Knowledgeable : We hire technically proven and skilled web developers. Our staffs are highly experienced as well as knowledgeable to clear all your queries. To add to that, we also have a deep bench of expertise. If you need a unique maintenance, we can most likely meet it.
  • Proactive : We don’t wait for failures. We keenly monitor your website for uptime, updates and for backups. We have the technical preventative maintenance required to get a high quality experience for your website users.
  • Accountable : We treat your time and energy like your money and carefully harness it to leverage most optimal results. Bankable hours, online ticketing system, time tracking system and easy terms make us highly accountable for your investment.
  • Friendly : We hire smart people who are easy to talk to. Furthermore, you have access to the whole team if you face any issue regarding website maintenance.

We offer website maintenance services which mean our customers can request for updates to their website at any time. This might include simple text changes, design or adding additional tools or complex functionality to their websites. Website maintenance can be owed monthly, quarterly or annually to make changes to your website depending on the type of website you have and the frequency of updates and changes you want in your website.

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